2 July 2020

Bunnings’ decision to stop sourcing timber from VicForests is a kick in the guts for regional Victoria.

This decision places at risk the future of many thousands of workers who, directly and indirectly, rely on Victorian forestry to support their families.

At a time when workers, business and regional communities are dealing with the aftermath of the summer bushfires and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bunnings should step up and support an industry that all of us should be very proud of.

Bunnings’ decision to stop sourcing locally grown and locally processed timber products does not make environmental sense.

Victorian forestry is a sustainable and renewable industry.

This short-sighted decision only means sourcing more timber from overseas, where it is harder to guarantee forestry standards and for which transportation will have a greater impact on the environment.

Bunnings should, at the very least, delay its decision and wait until the ongoing court processes are finalised.