Every business in Australia has a responsibility to pay its workers properly.

Unfortunately, some businesses don’t take that responsibility seriously and it’s workers who pay the price.

Wage theft, where workers don’t recieve the full pay and conditions they’re entitled to, affects thousands of workers in Australia. It directly affects their take home pay and their capacity to meet their everyday expenses.

For half a decade now, Labor has been calling on the Liberal National Government to do something about worker underpayment, whether it occurs as a result of genuine payroll error or deliberate, systematic wage theft.

Despite scandal after scandal, starting with 7-Eleven in 2014, the Government has refused to act.

Scott Morrison simply does not take wage compliance seriously. By failing to act on this issue, his Government has sent the message to businesses that they don’t need to take it seriously either.

But we can send them a message. Your signature on our petition to end wage theft will help send that message.

We’re calling on the Morrison Government to take immediate action to end wage theft. Join our call, and help make this petition as big as it can be when it’s presented to the Senate.