The coronavirus pandemic has been an enormous challenge for Victorians. Not only have we dealt with a health crisis, many Victorians have felt the impact of the pandemic on our family budgets, through lost work or reduced hours and income.

At the end of July, the Morrison Liberal Government will announce their plans for the future of JobKeeper.

We have to come together and send the Morrison Liberal Government a message: Don’t cancel JobKeeper too early.

More Australian workers and small businesses risk being left behind if Scott Morrison and the Liberals cancel the $1500 fortnightly JobKeeper payment too early.

Cancelling JobKeeper too early would have a devastating impact on local businesses and households.

Up to 245,000 businesses in the Victoria may be forced to close their doors. This could mean approximately 932,500 Victorians may be forced into unemployment, and up to $1.3 billion could be ripped out of the local economy each and every fortnight.

Cancelling JobKeeper too early would:

  • Put the income of hundreds of thousands of Victorians at risk;
  • Threaten the viability of hundreds of thousands of small businesses; and
  • Rip millions of dollars out of local communities – right across Victoria – every single fortnight.

Businesses and workers are increasingly anxious that they will be left out and left behind during the first recession in three decades

Make no mistake, cancelling JobKeeper too early would see more businesses close and more workers heading to Centrelink to join the unemployment queues.

The only way to stop the cancelling of JobKeeper too early is for communities across Australia to come together and send Prime Minister Scott Morrison a message.

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